CMB-Vertikal is a corporate synergy of two established entities- CMB Building Maintenance Investment Co. and VERTIKAL.

VERTIKAL is a dynamic Polish company with over 33 years of professional hands-on experience in the European market boasting a reputation as the best construction experts in the European Union Community.

VERTIKAL prides itself in its innovative and unique designs – having created over a thousand engineering designs including hundreds within the residential, commercial and industrial building segments which includes general steel construction, road construction and post service maintenance.

CMB-Vertikal’s primary focus is to provide innovative building designs and execution for residential, commercial and industrial projects, partake in design-bid-build, public-private partnerships and general construction and infrastructure.


CMB (Parent company) saw a need to create a contemporary facility management outfit with a focus on bridging an existing gap in efficient service delivery, housing delivery and its operation and maintenance. Hence, the creation of THE OYSTER MANAGEMENT COMPANY.

The Oyster Management Company is set up as a specialized facility management company to create a functional and safe environment.
Our services include:

  • Facilities Management of Corporate bodies, Religious entities, Schools and Learning Institutions
  • Facility Consultancy and Advisory
  • Agency
  • Outsourcing

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The Steel Guardians are a private independent security company formed from CMB with its main objective of providing high level expertise in the Nigeria security industry.

We have a highly seasoned management team carefully drawn from the Armed Forces, Blue Chip Companies and first class security institutions. Our services include:

  • Personal protection services to high-profile individuals, executives, dignitaries, celebrities.
  • Events security management
  • Residential/Commercial facilities protection
  • Security training
  • Consulting services

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